Ray Price Seminar Set For July 31!

Summer is heating up and SBG Idaho is bringing in another of the organization’s world-class coaches to keep you cool under pressure. Ray Price joined SBG in 2002. He received his blue belt from SBG founder and president, Matt Thornton, in 2004 before opening an SBG-affiliated facility in Reno, Nevada. Ray received his purple belt in 2007, brown belt in 2011, and black belt in 2014.
Coach Price is a veteran law enforcement member, a self-defense expert with ISR Matrix, and a firearms expert. He refers to his BJJ as “sloth jits”: a slow and low, offensive, tight and technical, heavy game. Ray favors perfect technique over strength and speed, as demonstrated in his thoughtful and qualitative instruction. Coach Ray’s 2 day session will cover one day of sport oriented BJJ and another day of technique oriented for practical self defense situations.
The seminar will cost $80 for the weekend, $50 for 1 day. Each session will run from 10am-1pm at SBG Idaho’s newly expanded facility located at 1522 W River St.
Spots are filling up fast so be sure to sign up now at store.sbgidaho.com or by stopping by the front desk today!